Kid’s Swim Lessons and RAYS Swim Team

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Swim Lessons at Salem and Londonderry 

Our team of enthusiastic and dedicated swim instructors are trained in a variety of instructional methods when it comes to teaching lessons. Our swim program is developed for anyone ages 6 months to adulthood.

Our philosophy is to provide a comfortable and fun environment for swimmers of all ages and abilities. We believe water safety is important for all ages and strive to instill safety along with an enjoyment of water.

Our swim program will focus on the needs of each swimmer and provide the opportunity to master the concepts of particular skills and progress at a comfortable pace. Swimmers may spend multiple sessions in each level and we encourage consistent performance of skills before they move on to the next level. Every swimmer will become familiar with safety in and around water as well as learn the 4 competitive swimming strokes by following a systematic approach and progression of swim levels.

Please review the Swim level descriptions below in the drop down menu as some levels have been condensed or adjusted.

UPDATED Swim Lesson Program Levels

Baby and Toddler Classes (Ages 6mo – 3 years)

Parent & Child: (6months – 2.5 years) 30 Minute Class

Introduces basic skills to parents and children. Parents learn how to safely work with their child in the water, including how to appropriately support them and how to prepare and encourage them to participate fully in the class. Caregiver accompanies child in the water. (Swim Diapers required)

Guppies (Same as old Readiness w/Parent: 2.5 – through 3 years) 30 Minute Class

This class is for children who have taken a Parent & Child class and are ready to progress their skills to the next level. Children are afforded more freedom to participate in the class without being held, but still within arm’s reach of their caregiver. Emphasis on buoyancy, breath control, kicking, scooping and gaining more confidence while still having fun! (Swim Diapers required)

Preschool Classes Ages (4 & 5)

Starfish (Same as old Preschool 1: 4 – 5-year-olds) 30 Minute Class

This class introduces basic aquatic skills that children continue to build upon as they progress through the levels of Preschool Aquatics and The Learn-to-Swim Program. In addition, children start to develop a positive attitude and safe practices around the water. This class is designed for children who may feel nervous or may have not had much experience in the water. Swimmers are given as much support as they need for all skills.

Minnows (Same as old Preschool 2: 4 – 5-year-olds) 30 Minute Class

Preschool 2 further develops basic aquatic skills. Swimmers begin to perform some skills at a slightly more advanced level. (i.e., with less and less support) Swimmers will continue to use simultaneous, as well as alternating, arm and leg movements on the front and back in order to gain more proficiency in preparation for learning formal strokes. Children should be fairly comfortable in the water for this class. They should have good listening skills and work well in a group setting. They will be given as much support as they need for all skills

Dolphins (Same as old Preschool 3 4-5-year-olds) 30 Minute Class

Preschool 3 increases swimmers’ proficiency in performing previously learned skills. Ideally children will have completed a preschool 2 class or would be evaluated by an instructor before entering this class. In this class, swimmers improve their coordination and control of simultaneous arm and leg action and alternating arm and leg action. Children in this level will start to gain the confidence to be able to swim on their own, without any support. *Prerequisites: School Age Classes (Ages 6-14)

Beginner (same as old Level 1)

This class is for children who may not be comfortable in and around the water. These children are hesitant to get their faces wet or to go under water. Swimmers will be taught basic water skills such as submerging, floating and gliding.

Advanced Beginner (same as old Level 2)

This class is for swimmers who are ready to start swimming independently. These swimmers must be comfortable going under water and getting their faces wet.

Swimmers must be able to consistently do some skills independently.

Emphasis will be put on streamline glides on both the front and the back and swimmers will learn the dolphin kick.

Intermediate (same as old level 3)

This class is for swimmers ready to begin swimming further distances and who are ready to begin learning how to breathe while swimming. Skills in this level include rotary breathing while swimming freestyle. Breaststroke arms and legs will be introduced independently of each other and the butterfly arms will be introduced.

Advanced (same as old levels 4, 5 & 6)

This class is for swimmers perfecting their strokes. Swimmers will learn to put the breaststroke arms & legs together and add breathing to the stroke.

Swimmers will learn to put the butterfly arms & legs together and add breathing to the stroke. Swimmers will build endurance and swim 50 yards of both freestyle and backstroke.

Swim Lesson Schedules and Registration 


Spring 2 Swim Lesson Session will begin in May.   Schedules and registration info should be posted in late April

Hello Swim families,

Spring 1 2024 Swim Sessions in Londonderry & Salem starts Wednesday 2/21 for new families!

The Workout Club will have a new session of swim lessons beginning March 3 and going through mid April.

Lessons schedules can be found below

Returning families should note the recommended level given by their swimmer’s instructor during the last week of classes to sign up for the appropriate class.  Many children will remain in the same level for multiple sessions to master skills needed for the next level.

Families can refer to the “Updated Swim Lesson Program Levels” button above for information on our classes.

Londonderry 6 week session – Parent/Child and Preschool Level classes are 30 minutes and a 6 week session is $109 for members and $129 for non-members

School Age Level classes are 45 minutes and a 6 week session is $139 for members and $159 for non-members.

Salem will be holding a 5 week session this time due to some upcoming pool work.  The 6 week session will resume in early May.  Pro-rated fees apply

Parent/Child and Preschool Level classes are 30 minutes and the 5 week session is $99 for members and $119 for non-members

School Age Level classes are 45 minutes and the 5 week session is $129 for members and $149 for non-members.

We do not offer refunds or makeups unless we must cancel.

Thank you!

Salem Aquatics

Sharon Peterson
[email protected]

Ruth Harbilas
[email protected]

Londonderry Aquatics

Marilyn Soraghan
[email protected]

If you do not see a class that works with your schedule, please keep checking back. We will be adding more classes up until the start of the session. 


RAYS Swim Team

Rockingham Area Youth Swim Team is a year round competitive swim team offering high quality professional coaching and technique instruction for all ages and abilities. We offer training and instruction for swimmers ages 5 thru 20, giving each member the opportunity to improve swimming skills, achieve individual goals, and promote team unity. We are committed to helping swimmers grow in character, physical development and skills. In addition, we believe that families are an intricate and important part of the success of the swimmer and the team as a whole. If your son or daughter is interested in competitive swimming and interested in tryouts please let us know as our team is rapidly growing.

Minimum Swim Capability Requirements:

8yo and below: Must be able to swim 25yds Freestyle and Backstroke
9-12yo: Must be able to swim 25yds Freestyle and Backstroke
12yo and older: Must be able to swim 100yds all basic strokes

If you have any questions please contact either:
Aimee Hazard at [email protected], or
Marilyn Soraghan at [email protected]